A chimney fire was put out by the Westerlo Fire Department Wednesday morning. Two residents, including a lifetime member of the department, escaped, but the house will have to be rebuilt after its chimney was knocked down to control the rest of the fire inside.

Construction begins on new electrical system for fire-damaged Nirvana Indian Restaurant in Guilderland.

Carman Road closed down Wednesday night for almost two hours because of a fire that caused heavy damage to a home’s detached garage.

Westerlo fire

A fire in Westerlo that occurred two days before Christmas has the family living in town without a home, although fire departments were able to save their pets and presents. A community response, including an account to donate to, has sprung up in response.

The neighbors were sleeping when the empty house at 3 Nancy Lane caught fire so the call came in to late to save it.

Several fire trucks responded to a Maple Avenue home in Altamont Friday evening after a microwave became very smoky.

Paul and Theresa Oliver, who narrowly escaped the fire that took their Gardner Road home early Tuesday morning, plan to rebuild. “We wouldn’t leave here,” said Theresa Oliver on Tuesday afternoon. “This is family land.”

Large late-night fire damages the home of Tom and Sally Ketchum, well known in Altamont as the owners of Ketchum’s gas station on Main Street.

Acting Chief Building and Zoning Inspector Jacqueline Coons said that as soon as the town receives the right paperwork, demolition will continue. “It should be done soon,” she said.

Smoke billowed from a hole cut in the back of the mansard roof, produced by a kitchen fire at the popular Indian restaurant.


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