Thanks for welcoming me and helping improve accessibility

To the Editor:

Hello again!  My name is Alyssa.  I submitted a letter to the editor in the March 21 issue of The Altamont Enterprise, introducing myself.  I announced that my Girl Scout Silver project was “Beyond ADA Compliance” where I would visit the establishments in Altamont and see how easily a person in a wheelchair could negotiate the premises.

I have since been to many of the public buildings in Altamont and made observations.  I have taken notes on how some of these businesses could improve the accessibility for their patrons in wheelchairs.  By the time you read this, I will have completed my plan to contact someone at these places.

My experience was very rewarding and I met some very nice people along my journey.  I would like to thank all of those people who welcomed me into their establishment and allowed me to share what motivated me to take on this project.

I am proud to report that I have already made a difference and inspired some changes as well as planted some seeds for future improvements.

Thank you.

Alyssa Gaige

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