Christopher Beckmann is saving a piece of local agrarian history by making a Civil-War era barn into his home.

Carol DuBrin, Altamont

Children will follow their interests to make discoveries at Annie Cosgrove’s new preschool in Altamont.

ALTAMONT — Jean Conklin turned her Tuesday farewell party at Hungerford Market into a customer-appreciation party since she has decided to keep the bagel shop.

The new pastor at the Altamont reformed Church says, “A church serves not only its members but the greater community around it.”

Homeowner Judi Eells said early Saturday afternoon that she had no idea where she was going to sleep that night, as she watched firefighters cut away much of the roof of her home at 52 Van Wie Terrace in Westmere, to let smoke billow out.

G. Warner, Altamont

Eight companies helped douse a garage fire at 29 Armstrong Circle Saturday afternoon, saving the attached house.

Cindy Pollard, Altamont

Bill Donato, Altamont


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