“It’s like I’m the keeper of their stories,” Cindy Pollard once said of using her Home Front Café as a memory trove for veterans. “They’re important, each and every one of them … For the ground soldiers in the Pacific, it was kill or be killed. They saw such horror, they can’t talk about it … If they do, they’re back there. They smell the smells and have weeks of bad dreams.”

A tiny library achieved big things. 

“We have to be a model for our kids to deal with adversity in positive ways. That’s one of the greatest gifts we can give our kids,” said Altamont Elementary School Principal Peter Brabant who is optimistically running a school where two classes and a handful of teachers had to be quarantined.

The Altamont Board of Trustees voted this week to solicit bids for the demolition of the Doctor Frederick Crounse House.

Kerry Dineen, Altamont mayorJoe Burke, Altamont Free Library; Jim Gaughan

The Enterprise forum would not be valuable if I printed only the letters I liked. One of the reasons I believe our nation has become so polarized is that many Americans listen only to views that agree with theirs. My profound hope is that people with varied views can meet on the newspaper’s opinion pages. They can come to understand another’s viewpoint. That is the way our democracy moves forward.

If all goes as planned, work could begin on a new Altamont Stewart’s in the next couple of weeks.  

Every day for 60 days since the coronavirus outbreak, the Altamont neighbors who live on Euclid Avenue have taken two minutes to say hello to each other.

The Altamont Planning Board on Monday extended the public hearing on Stewart’s Shops special-use permit application and site-plan approval for its proposed Altamont Boulevard project.

After the Stewart’s project generated interest among village residents in municipal government, Altamont’s long-time zoning board chairman was not reappointed to another five-year term. 


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