ALBANY COUNTY — Gabriella Romero got nearly 30 percent of the vote in a field of six Democrats vying to replace Patricia Fahy in representing the 109th District in the State Assembly.

Janet Tweed

Physical therapist and Delhi village board member Janet Tweed has a narrow lead to take on incumbent Republican Assemblyman Chris Tague in the 102nd District in November. Tweed’s opponent in the primary is Mary Finneran, a grassroots activist and former educator.

ALBANY COUNTY — June 22 was the first day of summer — the longest day of the year and, here in Albany County, the hottest.

Albany County was mapped in magenta by the National Weather Service on Thursday for “extreme” heat.

At one point, as Soares railed against the reforms that allow defendants to see information on witnesses ahead of a trial and Kindlon responded by defending the practice, the moderator, Corey James of Spectrum News, asked the rumbling audience to “keep it down.” Ambrosio leaned back from the table, announcing the other two could fight it out.

ALBANY COUNTY — A nationwide amateur radio exercise will take place at John Boyd Thacher State Park on Saturday and Sunday, June 22 and 23.

The National Weather Service forecast is that Albany County will be labeled red for “major” on Tuesday and Wednesday; magenta for “extreme” on Thursday, then back to “major” on Friday before returning to “moderate” over the weekend.

The exemption will apply to construction or reconstruction that took place after Jan. 1, 2023 and will continue to apply only while the parent or grandparent lives there. The exemption applies for people 62 or older who use the space as their primary residence.

Sundling was pregnant with her daughter, Mandy, when she started running the store, she said. “She kind of got it through osmosis,” said Sundling, stating that the store, which moved to Stuyvesant Plaza in 1988, wouldn’t function without Mandy Young.

On June 4, the NAACP held a candidates’ forum in a packed basement meeting room of Milne Hall on the downtown University at Albany campus.

Over the course of two hours, about 150 people listened to the six Democrats and one Republican respond to three scripted questions and four questions from the audience read by Zion DeCoteau from News 10 ABC and Fox 23.

“That was some civilized political discourse,” said DeCouteau at the close of the session.

Homeowners who are interested in installing solar panels on their property have access to a number of state and federal incentives that make the switch a little cheaper, making the savings from reduced energy costs more accessible up front. The Enterprise has compiled the specific incentives available, as well as zoning codes for residential solar for each municipality in its coverage area.