Noah Zweifel

Berne-Knox-Westerlo Superintendent Timothy Mundell explained to the board of education last month that state Foundation Aid for the district was already maximized because of declining enrollment there, meaning BKW will make out less well in the 2022-23 than nearby districts like Guilderland — though a majority of the district’s funding is still aid-based.

Andrew R. Gibson, of Westerlo, was scheduled to be sentenced on Feb. 1 for charges relating to a fatal DWI crash he caused last year, injuring two Berne-Knox-Westerlo students and killing their mother.

Berne-Knox-Westerlo secondary school principal Mark Pitterson, 56, will retire at the end of this school year after roughly six years with the district.

Knox’s agricultural advisory committee has suggested to the town that it set up farmer advocacy signs along town roads and ask the state’s Department of Transportation to move back certain guardrails in an effort to keep local farmers comfortable and safe. 

Discussions began last year among the Westerlo Town Board members about how to clean up a body of local laws that can at times be contradictory and confusing to residents and town officials alike. The town now has an agency in mind to help make those necessary clarifications.

The Helderberg Lake Community Association, which is attempting to secure $500,000 to repair the Helderberg Lake dam through a town-managed loan, has responded to the series of concerns raised late last year by lake residents unhappy with the way the association has handled the repair.

Jeffrey Bogue, who spent much of his life in Connecticut, left his estate to the town, surprising town officials, who did not know much about him until Bogue’s cousin, Rosemarie Kuhar, sent them a letter. 

The rollout of 5G cellular networks across the country is expected to majorly improve people’s online experience, including, eventually, those who have trouble getting online in the first place. 

Albert Thiem

Albert Thiem was appointed by the Berne Town Board at its Jan. 1 reorganizational meeting to fill a vacancy left by former councilwoman, Bonnie Conklin.

The first event will be a proclamation on Feb. 28, the town’s official 200th anniversary, and it will be followed by various events through August, including a barbecue, pageant, and fireworks. 


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