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Before the Berne Town Board appointed resident Donna Ferraino as the town’s dog-control officer, Councilman Leo Vane, in addition to calling the non-partisan office a “political position,” indicated that former DCO Jodi Jansen had resigned over “political issues,” which contradicts what Supervisor Sean Lyons told The Enterprise about Jansen’s resignation earlier this year.

Municipalities have until Dec. 31 to request that the New York State Cannabis Control Board prohibit marijuana dispensaries and consumption sites from establishing themselves within each municipality’s respective borders. So far, only two of the four Hilltowns have initiated public conversation on the matter.

The Berne Town Hall.

Berne Planning Board member Lawrence Zimmerman resigned in November over frustrations that the town is not following the guidance of its own comprehensive plan. Former town board member Dawn Jordan says that ideology and partisanship got in the way, along with some more prosaic — and even healthy — obstacles.

With absentee ballots counted, Berne Republicans are still victorious, now by an even wider margin; Democrat Russell Pokorny is still the supervisor-elect in Knox; and Westerlo incumbent justice Ken Mackey has kept his seat.

The company hopes to build a 5-megawatt solar facility at 1953 Thompsons Lake Road, a 66-acre parcel.

During a rare, impromptu phone conversation with The Enterprise, outgoing Knox Supervisor Vasilios Lefkaditis explained why he didn’t seek re-election, why he was so bad about filing obligatory annual financial reports, and how he thinks he did as supervisor despite, as he put it, opponents turning everything he did “into a mass murder.”

The troupe is putting on a rendition of A Christmas Carol that’s staged as a fictional live radio show. The aptly-named play, “A Christmas Carol: A Live Radio Show,” was adapted from the Charles Dickens novella by playwright Joe Landry, with music by Kevin Connors.

The bridge, on State Route 156 in Berne, was closed for about two months for repairs, forcing travelers to take a 5.2-mile detour. 

Westerlo Deputy Supervisor Matthew Kryzak told The Enterprise that Jamison Corallo, who hauls trash as Viking Solar, kept dumping material at the town transfer station after he had been asked to stop because he was violating town code.

These new sites are part of a string of sites that the company has installed in Albany County in recent years.


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