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The new Hilltowns Community Resource property — a house — is just down the road from where the group was previously located, at the Westerlo Reformed Church on Route 143. Having their own location provides them the opportunity to put on a diverse range of programs such as nutrition and cooking classes, health insurance enrollment, and more.

The solar energy company’s initial plans for a 4.4 megawatt solar farm in Knox failed in 2021 after a remote-meeting snafu in which a planning board member dropped out just before she was to cast the deciding vote. The company has resubmitted its proposal with “improvements in terms of stormwater management, setbacks, [and] landscaping,” according to a project manager.

After being arrested for suspected DWI last month and released, a Middleburgh man is alleged to have repeatedly violated an order of protection that prevents him from contacting his wife for matters unrelated to their children, including while police were interviewing his wife.

Berne hopes to open up many of its roads to all-terrain vehicles, but data indicates that more than half of ATV deaths occur on paved roads, and various safety groups and ATV manufacturers explicitly advise against operating those machines on pavement. 

A man riding his snowmobile with friends on an abandoned ski slope in Berne was critically injured after he lost control of his vehicle. Because deep snow prevented an ambulance from reaching him, the local fire departments relied on all-terrain vehicles and utility task vehicles to make the rescue, with assistance from Albany County and the Helderberg Ambulance squad. 

After Albany County withdrew its offer to purchase Switzkill Farm in Berne because it became apparent that the property needed substantial investment, it offered to help “secure” the buildings on the property to prevent further deterioration while the county focused on other projects, according to county spokeswoman Mary Rozak, but Berne officials “didn’t want any part of that.” 

In its draft climate resiliency plan published earlier this month, Albany County offers an inventory of its various assets, how those assets are threatened by climate change, and what steps it and its municipalities should take to stem and defend against those threats.

The local law, which will be subject to a public hearing in February, would transform the assessor’s office to make it more like that of most other municipalities in New York State by concentrating assessment authority in the hands of one person who’s appointed rather than three people who are elected.

Hébert Joseph, who chairs the Rensselaerville Democratic Committee, will be challenging Conservative Chris Smith, owner of Berne’s Maple on the Lake, to represent Rensselaerville, Berne, and Westerlo in the Albany County Legislature.

The Albany County Legislature voted unanimously on Jan. 9 to approve the new legislative districts map submitted by the redistricting commission in December, after the first map proposed earlier in 2022 had been rejected.


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