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Megan Bassler, a 2010 graduate of Berne-Knox-Westerlo, spent two years as a social worker after getting a master’s degree in that field, then went on to law school and passed the state bar exam last year.

Michelle Hinchey and Richard Amedure were opponents in 2020, when both sought office for the first time after former Senator George Amedore, a Republican, decided not to seek re-election.

Berne Town Hall

Berne building inspector Jonathan Heigel is not qualified to issue building permits for construction projects without the approval of a code-enforcement officer, but granted some to the town and Berne Town Board member Albert Thiem anyway.

Assemblyman Chris Tague, of District 102, wants New York schools to offer whole and 2-percent milk to students to, essentially, ensure that they drink milk at all. Higher-fat milks are currently restricted by federal law because milk fats have been linked to higher levels of so-called “bad” cholesterol, which in turn is linked to heart disease. 

On May 17, Berne-Knox-Westerlo voters will elect two school board candidates — both of whom are uncontested incumbents — and authorize an annual bus proposition, along with the 2022-23 budget and a proposal for the district to purchase a neighboring property for a new business office

Berne’s building inspector, Jon Heigel, has allegedly been doing work that’s authorized to be done only by certified code-enforcement officers, leading to the resignation of the only authorized code-enforcement officer on staff at the building department. 

The vote comes after months and months of roundabout discussions between the town board and residents of Helderberg Lake, which is at risk of being removed if the high-hazard dam that allows its existence is not repaired in the near future.

Hudson Valley Wireless General Manager Jason Guzzo told The Enterprise this week that the company is in the early stages of working out a proposal that aims to “provide broadband internet access to constituents” in Knox.

Knox Supervisor Russell Pokorny made a motion this week to hire as transfer station supervisor Richard Dexter, who had been illegally fired from his job at the town’s transfer station in 2019.

The Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy, Northeastern Cave Conservancy, and Huyck Preserve and Biological Research Station each received funds from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation as part of a $3.4 million statewide grant disbursement.


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