Noah Zweifel

A Guilderland man was told by a fast-food worker after he left a credit-card tip that the money goes to the restaurant owners, not workers, bringing up questions about tipping in the modern age. 

The Hilltown Ramblers will perform at Caffé Lena — located at 47 Phila Street in Saratoga Springs — from 8 p.m. until 10 p.m on Saturday, Feb. 25.

Berne resident and former town Supervisor Kevin Crosier had thanked the Berne Town Board for allowing him to speak at a public hearing for a widely opposed ATV law and was just getting into his speech when Supervisor Dennis Palow interrupted him and ultimately had Albany County Sheriff’s deputies remove him from the meeting, despite Crosier not violating any rules of conduct.

CLARKSVILLE — Things are sailing along at Albany County Legislator Chris Smith’s second local restaurant, Sons Deli and Pizza, which opened in Clarksville at the former Jake Moon Restaurant and Cafe property last month.

New York State newly allows local tax jurisdictions to offer a 10-percent tax exemption to first responders to incentivize volunteers and boost retention within fire and ambulance groups.

KNOX — The Albany County Legislature on Monday approved the plans for a new county highway garage in Knox, as well as one in Coeymans. 

The Knox garage will replace the county garage that’s on Township Road and will cost no more than $4.3 million to build, county legislature Jeff Perlee told The Enterprise this week. 

Municipalities in New York State have been successfully sued after passing laws similar to Berne’s proposed ATV law — which would open up several town roads to use by ATVs and other recreational vehicles — because they failed to prove that public roads provide critical access to ATV trails and did not properly conduct an environmental review.

BERNE — Berne residents — and even some out-of-towners — arrived in force at the Berne senior center to weigh in on the town board’s controversial bill that would open up many of the town’s roads

Andrew R. Gibson, the Westerlo resident who pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide following a drunk-driving crash that killed Berne resident Lisa Sperry in 2021, is hoping to reduce his sentence by convincing the court that his prior felony convictions are invalid.

The new Hilltowns Community Resource property — a house — is just down the road from where the group was previously located, at the Westerlo Reformed Church on Route 143. Having their own location provides them the opportunity to put on a diverse range of programs such as nutrition and cooking classes, health insurance enrollment, and more.


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