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Neil D. Breslin

Democratic State Senator Neil D. Breslin will return to office next year, this time in the 46th Senate District, which was transformed through this year’s redistricting process. Breslin, who currently represents the 44th Senate District, beat Conservative Richard M. Amedure Jr. to replace Democrat Michelle Hinchey, who won re-election in another district that includes her hometown in Ulster County. 

Assemblyman Christopher Tague, a Republican, was challenged unsuccessfully for his seat by Democrat Nicholas S. Chase, a young teacher who was making his first run for office.

The antiques boutique is the first shop business at the old resort property, which owner John Dolce hopes to turn into a commercial hub.

The prestigious program has been placed on hiatus “as we reimagine what the Logan Nonfiction Program might look like in the future and reassess the financial sustainability of the high-quality experience we have offered since 2015,” according to a statement on the program’s website.

Alice J. Thomas, a 59-year-old resident of Westerlo, was charged with fourth-degree criminal mischief and trespassing after allegedly vandalizing and stealing political signs at a Berne resident’s home over the course of a week.

Assemblyman Christopher Tague, a Republican, wants to end what he calls one-party rule in New York State, and bring greater focus to agricultural concerns. Democrat Nicholas S. Chase, a substitute teacher who grew up on a Delaware County farm, similarly prizes the agricultural economy, but differs from Tague on issues like abortion and gun control.  

In New York State, it is possible — but reportedly difficult — to reverse a guilty plea prior to sentencing. Andrew R. Gibson had pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide after and was scheduled for sentencing in February, but had to be recaptured by police six months later after he failed to appear for that hearing while out on bail. 

The Albany-based not-for-profit received a larger Paycheck Protection Program Loan than it deserved and did not take steps to return the money after being notified of this, according to the United States Department of Justice. 

The reasoning, according to a letter addressed to the Albany County Redistricting Commission by county legislature leaders, was that by adding two majority-minority districts to the county’s existing five, the communities within them might have their collective voting power diminished.

The current 46th Senate District is represented by Democrat Michelle Hinchey who, as a of redistricting, will be replaced by either State Senator Neil D. Breslin, a Democrat who currently represents the 44th District, or her opponent from 2020, Rich M. Amedure Jr., a former State Trooper running on the Republican and Conservative lines. 


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