Noah Zweifel

On Wednesday, March 27, the state’s Department of Public Service will hold two public hearings — in addition to an ongoing survey — on broadband that will be an important opportunity for state residents to correct previous maps and analyses that determine broadband availability. 

The Carey Institute for Global Good will once again host “a series of learning workshops and small public and private events,” beginning in the summer, according to a release that described this as a “transitional time” for the beleaguered not-for-profit.

A driver crashed into a Rensselaerville home early Sunday morning, causing it to go up in flames. The driver and an off-duty paramedic who assisted in the rescue both suffered only minor injuries while the occupants of the home were uninjured. 

The state-level legislation — all the bills are still in committee — would incentivize faster responses to Freedom of Information Law requests, compel governments to reveal how they handle these requests, limit the FOIL exemptions offered to businesses, and put the burden of attorney’s fees on governments that are found to have unreasonably denied a request. 

Multiple maps and an oddly-worded legend has made it difficult to discern whether or not Berne has a historical district with enforceable zoning regulations but, while residents could be forgiven for any confusion, the district’s legitimacy is unambiguous from a legal point of view. 

Three candidates, including Rensselaerville’s Hébert Joseph, are vying for the Democratic line in the race for the 102nd New York State Assembly seat, currently held by Republican Chris Tague. 

The Albany County Climate Resiliency Plan and Climate Action Plan for the Capital Region each establish guidelines for how to reduce emissions, with the county plan going a step further and focusing on protection from direct climate conditions like high heat and increased flooding.  

With the rural district poised to lose $1.2 million in two years if the governor’s budget proposal is accepted, Superintendent Timothy Mundell said that such a loss would require either a 12-percent property tax increase over those two years, or slashed personnel and programming levels. 

An idea floated by Rensselaerville Supervisor John Dolce to reduce the number of polling places in the town fell apart after concerns were raised about voting accessibility and the fact that the deadline to get the number changed before this year’s election has already passed.

A propane heater started a structure fire in Westerlo that damaged an apartment and garage, but left the main attached residence unscathed, according to Westerlo’s deputy fire chief. 


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