Melissa Hale-Spencer

Governor Andrew Cuomo was in Syracuse Monday to announce the 2021 Reimagined New York State Fair will run from Aug. 20 to Sept. 6.

“Our community can rest assured that we are taking all appropriate precautions to restore our systems in a safe and secure manner and we will be incorporating additional technologies into our cybersecurity program as we move forward,” said Guilderland Superintendent Marie Wiles.

Instead of putting its effort into mass clinics, where sign-up has plummeted, Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy said, the county is going to work with community partners to reach people where they are.

The library’s director, Timothy Wiles, believes the confluence of the pandemic shutdown with construction work on an $8 million expansion project has resulted in a “great success” — he expects construction work will be completed 11 months early, by Aug. 31, 2021 rather than the original end date of July 2022.

Guilderland High School

GUILDERLAND — In-person classes for Guilderland students in seventh through 12th grades will be postponed again on Tuesday as the district works to repair damage done by a cyber attack on its computer systems.

Albany County Health Commissioner Elizabeth Whalen

Albany County is shifting its focus to have more community-based pop-up clinics. It has also launched an Instagram challenge, #IGot Mine,” to encourage young residents to get vaccinated.

After a lengthy and stunningly frank conversation about racism in the Guilderland schools, the school board here added a full-time post for an administrator who will oversee diversity, equity, and inclusion in the district.

While Albany County hit the halfway mark — 50 percent — on Wednesday of residents having received at least one shot, there were also concerns about more deaths.

“The only way we will be able to prevent future tragedies, to protect the ones we love and return to any sense of normalcy, is to get vaccinated,” said Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy.

Starting next Monday, April 26, museum and zoo capacity will be raised to 50 percent, and theater capacity will go to 33 percent. On May 19, capacity at sports arenas will be raised to 25 percent, Cuomo announced.


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