Melissa Hale-Spencer

GUILDERLAND — “Hate is not a mental illness,” says Dr. Stephen Giordano.

He notes that there is no diagnostic category for hate, and it is wrong “to assume that hateful people, whatever their color, creed, or stripe, must be mentally ill.”

GUILDERLAND — Two Schenectady juveniles — a 16-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl — were arrested by Guilderland Police Wednesday in connection with the April 10 shooting at Crossgates Mall.

They are not being named by police because of their ages.

A rare virus usually seen in Africa, monkeypox has recently been identified in Europe and North America.

The CDC has tracked data that shows, from January 2021 to March 2022, Americans 18 and older who were unvaccinated were about five times more likely to be hospitalized than those who were up to date on vaccinations. Also, Americans age 12 and older who were unvaccinated were 17 times more likely to die from COVID-19.

 Corie Dugas, Ted Gup, Jo Ann Mulligan

In the end, seven residents launched write-in campaigns to serve on the 11-member board, which has unpaid posts.

Jeff Perlee

“This is an activity about community,” says Perlee, a lawyer and Albany County legislator who describes himself as an amateur historian.

“As the Omicron variant emerged in New York State, the number of people who have been infected with COVID for a second time has increased dramatically,” the state’s health department reports.

The winning slate was made up of three current school board members — Kelly Person, Gloria Towle-Hilt, and Kimberly Blasiak along with teacher Katie DiPierro. They supported work done by the district’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee and also supported teachers being trained to be respectful of LGBT kids.

WESTERLO — “I tilt at windmills a lot,” says Bonnie Kohl-Laub.

When she and her husband, Leonard Laub, moved to Westerlo, they immersed themselves in local issues and made a difference.

Now they have sold their historic farmhouse and are packing to move to southern France.

When Governor Kathy Hochul on Sunday afternoon, May 8, tweeted that she had tested positive for the virus — “Thankfully, I’m vaccinated and boosted, and I’m asymptomatic,” she posted — her followers were divided in their advice and remonstrances.


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