Melissa Hale-Spencer

NEW SCOTLAND — When Kate Cohen became a mother a quarter-century ago, she decided she would not lie to her children.

That decision led to her third book, published this week: “We of Little Faith: Why I Stopped Pretending to Believe (And Maybe You Should Too).”

The audit notes that Guilderland lost about $5 million in net position due larging to increased costs for pupil transportation and tax certiorari expenditures as well as an increase in net pension liabilities.

The board president said she didn’t want advocating for more music space “to get lost in this bigger discussion” about state requirements for electric school buses.

ALBANY COUNTY — In a three-step system, Albany County has moved this week from “low,” where it was ranked all summer, to “medium” for COVID-19 hospital admissions.

“He says, ‘My job isn’t to change minds. It’s to open minds,’” said Superintendent Marie Wiles of Guilderland’s new DEI director, Derek Westbrook. “I just love that. That’s what education is all about.”

“You compartmentalize,” said Valerie Ackroyd. “You put it out of your head that you're looking for human remains. It’s a job. You have to do your job.”

“We proposed combining,” said Nancie Williams of JEM Inc., explaining that Guilderland — through her agency — would take over administration of the program while people in Knox will still have access to the program, using available rental units in Guilderland as a resource.

The original masonry tower, located in the Northeastern Industrial Park, was built a half-century ago, according to David Messercola, and is no longer safe for burning drills.

Guilderland resident Sue Green said the Bozenkill meets the Black Creek right behind her house where she has lived for half a century. “I’ve watched it; I’ve protected it. But most of all, I’ve watched it change dramatically over the last couple of years,” said Green.

ALBANY COUNTY — On Sept. 20, the Biden administration announced it would once again set up a system so that free at-home tests for COVID-19 can be delivered through the United States Postal Service.


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