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When state funds are lacking, Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy said at his Monday morning press briefing, “They have a habit of pushing that down to us on the county level. We have to be wary of that. It’s going to affect our programs.”

“Our numbers are going through the roof …,” Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy said on Monday. “January’s going to be rough … It’s scary.”

Vaccines arrive

Of the county nursing home’s 170 residents, 150 so far have agreed to get COVID-19 vaccinations. Only half of the home’s 200 workers have agreed.

Melissa Fleischut posited that, since the governor had announced that 74 percent of COVID-19 cases were contracted through “living-room spread,” that is, people having small gatherings in their homes, restaurants would be safer places for gatherings.

Every week, when John Williams sends me his Old Men of the Mountain column, he writes a note in his email — sometimes humorous, sometimes philosophical.

Last week, he wrote about all the Christmas preparations he and his wife, Marlene, had underway.

I’m ashamed to say, my email in return said this:

GUILDERLAND — New cases of COVID-19 were announced in two separate emails by Guilderland school leaders on Friday evening.

Superintendent Marie Wiles wrote that the district had learned of five cases either late on Thursday or on Friday.

“Our clinical advisory task force approved Moderna this morning,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo at Friday’s press conference. New York expects to receive about 346,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine next week, pending final FDA authorization, Cuomo said. This is in addition to the 170,000 from Pfizer, which can now be stretched further.

Albany County records were broken Thursday for new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

ALBANY COUNTY — As about two feet of snow fell in Albany County overnight, local officials put out a flurry of emergency notices. Poor visibility from the fast-falling flakes made it tough to clear roads, the county executive said.

Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy

On Monday, the same day the first shots were given, Governor Andrew Cuomo did not discount an entire shutdown of the state if numbers don’t improve. “If we do not change the trajectory, we could very well be headed to shutdown,” he said.


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