Melissa Hale-Spencer

“He’s not gonna come in and plead guilty on an arraignment,” Jacob Klein’s lawyer told the press outside the courtroom.

New Yorkers must wear masks on buses and in bus stations, on trains and in train stations, on subways and in subway stations, and in airports. They also must mask at homeless and domestic-violence shelters, correctional facilities, and state-regulated health-care and adult-care facilities and nursing homes.

ALBANY COUNTY — Jessica Serfilippi started her groundbreaking and myth-busting research on Alexander Hamilton the way she thinks any historian should — with an open mind, she says.

“The bigger ecological story here is the fact that the beetles can damage the pine stands — that is more a symptom of an ecosystem’s health,” says Neil Gifford, the conservation director for the Albany Pine Bush Preserve.

The state’s comptroller has issued an audit showing that many school districts in New York lack sufficient staff for mental-health services.

The 10-second video clip shows a huge mother bear, having climbed up the porch steps, lumbering across the porch with two adolescent cubs sauntering behind her.

On Saturday morning, Sheriff Craig Apple stood at a lectern in the county courthouse with eight people in a semicircle standing on either side of him, each with their hands folded in front of them, as the sheriff praised them for their work in quickly arresting a suspect in the Wednesday morning murder of Philip L. Rabadi.

Both the state and federal governments have renewed their public health emergencies because of the ongoing pandemic.

Robert C. Lawrence and his wife, Carol Ann, were kayaking on an Adirondack lake, watching some loons, when she asked him how the mountain looming over them, Blue Mountain, got its name.

Lawrence thought he’d buy a book on Adirondack place names at the Blue Mountain Museum to answer the question. But there was no such book.

So far, the Guilderland school district has spent about $1.6 million out of the roughly $7.8 million it has been allocated in federal funds to deal with the pandemic.


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