Melissa Hale-Spencer

“We enter Thanksgiving week and yes, as Americans, we are thankful. We’re thankful to live in this great country and to live in this state. But with that gratitude comes a sense of responsibility to others….,” said Governor Kathy Hochul as she signed a bill on Saturday making the Nourish New York program permanent. “This war against poverty is going to continue until no child goes to bed in the State of New York with a hungry stomach, never again in our state.”

Boosters are recommended because the effectiveness of the vaccine wanes over time.

VOORHEESVILLE — Gail Brown is a catalyst.

She brings life to her community by pulling varied entities and people together to make things happen.

The longtime head of Youth and Family Services at the Voorheesville library, Brown has just been named Public Librarian of the Year by the New York State Library Association.

The Guilderland Town Board is lead agency under the State Environmental Quality Review Act and it was determined the project “will not have a significant effect on the environment.”

The rubric of vaccination rates being lower in rural areas holds in Albany County as well, according to the state’s tracker, reported by ZIP code.

As of Tuesday night, for people getting at least one shot, Coeymans Hollow has a rate of 47.5 percent; South Bethlehem, 58.1 percent; and Medusa, 68.3 percent. Clarksville and Berne were in the seventies while Preston Hollow and Westerlo were in the eighties.

Meanwhile, Delmar, Slingerlands, Guilderland Center, Voorheesville and Altamont ZIP codes all have populations in which more than 99 percent have received a vaccination.

In 2019, Albany County decided on a $1.9 million plan to replace the rail-trail bridge with one that is tall enough to meet state requirements but, meanwhile, trucks continue to get stuck under the bridge.

“This is an opportunity in this post-pandemic world to let people know, get the skills, go into apprenticeship programs, get trained,” said Governor Kathy Hochul, speaking from the county’s airport on Monday enroute to the White House for the signing of the infrastructure bill. “There’s jobs waiting for you to help rebuild this great state after we were knocked down so far.”

“It’s at the core of our operation in terms of teaching and learning, and has become even more so since the pandemic,” Superintendent Marie Wiles of technology. “But it also touches our heat, our phone system, our fire-alarm system, our transportation system. We can’t take attendance without technology.”

While Guilderland School Board members are frustrated with the county health department’s policy that quarantines asymptomatic students who may have been exposed to COVID-19, the county’s health commissioner notes the policy is recommended by both the state and the CDC and calls it an “essential strategy to reduce the spread of COVID in schools.”

On Wednesday, Governor Kathy Hochul announced that the Biden-Harris Administration’s Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will be making $750 million in additional American Rescue Plan funding available for New York’s Essential Plan.


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