Melissa Hale-Spencer

ALBANY COUNTY — By Friday afternoon the air quality in Albany County had reached the “unhealthy” level with an index number of 158 because of particulate matter in the air caused by the wildfires in Canada.

“If I didn’t have allyship, I would never have the confidence to speak what I believe or face the hate I get as a person who’s part of the LGBTQ+ community.”

“Every year, there are nearly 12,000 fireworks-related injuries, several deaths, and 19,000 fires that are attributable to fireworks — and they are all preventable,” said State Fire Administrator James Cable.

While it may not seem like an upset in national politics — Conservatives and Republicans, after all, are typically linked — in Guilderland, Democrats have frequently had Conservative backing as a second party line.

Wildfire smoke downwind affects not just health but also wealth and mortality, according to new research from Cornell University, Nanjing University, and the University of Houston, published earlier this month.

 “You hear about a lot of things happening in other countries that’s a concern to you but you can’t directly affect so having the opportunity to go up, have a direct — however big or small — effect on the situation was really a privilege I couldn’t pass up on,” said Anastasia Allwine, a forest ranger based in Greene County, on her return from fighting wildfires in Canada.

Nothing impacts the world more than kindness, Guilderland High School Principal Michael Piscitelli told the Class of 2023. “Giving someone a smile, a kind word, or a helping hand,” he said, can create a ripple effect.

John Fritze Jr. is a dedicated ham radio operator and a third-generation jeweler. He is passionate about both his avocation and his vocation — and on the cutting edge of each.

The founder of The Caring Closet, Amanda Beedle, and a member of its board of directors, Shannon Clegg, spoke to the school board about the importance of the charitable endeavor that provides free hygiene products to students who need them.

The guidelines for Guilderland are 18 to 23 students in kindergarten through second grade, and 21 to 25 students in third through fifth grades.


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