Lora Ricketts

Monday, Sept. 14, was a busy day. I had ordered a load of stone for my driveway. I wasn’t used to ordering stone as Ray had taken care of it, the last time.

On Monday, Jan. 26, the weatherman was predicting a stormy Tuesday so I hurried up and wrote my news and took it to Altamont. I drove my vehicle down the driveway to a shed where I have frozen food, as it is too icy for me to walk. I can send Brandon or Jenn, but I like to look in there and pick out just what I want.

Monday, Aug. 18, was my Zoey day. She’s getting older and changing day by day. She still has a bottle once in a while. I fed her oatmeal for breakfast. I cooked enough for the both of us. 

Recent weeks have been very busy. Summer is a great time for outdoor activities.

Monday, May 19, was my “Zoey day.” My daughter, Marcia Pangburn, was on vacation and came over for breakfast. After that, she took Zoey for a walk in her stroller. It was a cool day, but Zoey had socks on and a blanket. Zoey is good with her hands and can put the protective cover back on her bottle herself.

Monday, May 12, was my Zoey Day. Zoey is really getting around my house faster in her walker, now. She likes making noises and I refer to them as raspberries. I think she likes hearing her own sounds and can’t wait to talk.

Monday, May 5, was my Zoey day. She is still cutting two top front teeth. We learned a new gesture, today. I pointed at Reba and said; “dog,” then Zoey pointed the exact same way. Babies do learn fast. 

Danielle packed some little blueberry muffins and Zoey loved eating them after lunch. 

Monday, April 28, came and it was cold and dreary. I wrote my news and took it to Altamont. The day passed quickly just getting loose ends tied up. I had to think about getting the furnace cleaned and setting up an appointment.

Monday, April 21, turned into a beautiful, exciting day. Instead of me taking care of Zoey, Danielle took the day off and we spent it together.

We went grocery shopping, where I got to push Zoey in the cart and watched her trying to reach items on the shelf. 

Monday, April 7, was my Zoey day. Danielle brought me her walker and Zoey spent the day following me around the house in it. I had planned to spend time outside but it was still very cold. We played on my bed and Zoey ripped off two cardboard nametags Nichole had taped on the bed.


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