Thompson's Lake, May 15, 2014

Monday, May 5, was my Zoey day. She is still cutting two top front teeth. We learned a new gesture, today. I pointed at Reba and said; “dog,” then Zoey pointed the exact same way. Babies do learn fast. 

Danielle packed some little blueberry muffins and Zoey loved eating them after lunch. 

Danielle forgot one of Zoey’s bottle covers at my house, and I took it to her after dinner. Zoey was in the living room, but, when she saw me, she smiled, and made a beeline for my arms. That was priceless! Matt and Danielle both wished they had video taped that episode.

On Tuesday, May 6, I had Mike Lee come and clean my furnace and Danny’s. I then wrote my news and took it to Altamont, and then went to the AT&T store on Central Avenue to see if there is any way that Danielle can retrieve her messages from her dad.

Her phone got wet the day Dan was killed and there seems to be no way for her to hear his voice again. AT&T sent me to two kiosks in Crossgates and they only fixed the glass on the cell phone and the last one sent me to the Apple store.

A woman there told me to call Apple. I did and now I’m waiting for Danielle to find out if she had back up on ICloud or ITunes. New technology is fascinating, but complicated.

On Wednesday, May 7, I made an appointment for Danielle and me to meet with Jerry Waddell who sells cemetery memorials. 

In the late afternoon, I went with my grandson, Brandon Clark, to visit his children, Samson and Nichole. We spent most of our time at the Schoharie playground, where Brandon, Samson, and Nichole played Frisbee.

On Thursday, May 8, I attended the election training for inspectors and then I picked up my friend, Barbara Bonneau, at her home on Schoolhouse Road, and we went to lunch at the 99 Restaurant. We had a great afternoon. We also, enjoyed sitting out in her yard and getting some Vitamin D!

On Friday, May 9, I swear I vacuumed with my worn out vacuum cleaner for the last time. The bag keeps falling off, and dust goes everywhere. I have to hold the bag on while I vacuum.

My daughter, Kathy Carnevale, called me up when she got home from work and wanted to go to Ted’s Fish Fry on Wolf Road. She picked me up and we ordered scallops and they were scrumptious.

Saturday, May 10, came and Jerry Waddell came from Heritage Memorials. This was our informational meeting. Now, Danielle will have a few weeks to decide what she wants on the stone for her dad.

My daughter, Kathy and her husband, Gary, came with flowers, but, said they’ll come back next weekend to plant them because we expect more cold nights. 

I went to Kathy and Gary’s for dinner. Kathy had prepared a pot roast meal and it was delicious.

Sunday, May 11, was Mother’s Day. I went to church and shed a few tears. This was my first Mother’s Day without my son, who was always planting flower gardens and vegetable gardens for me.

I then went to my daughter, Marcia Pangburn’s, where my grandson, her son Miles and his wife, Melissa Pangburn, prepared a banquet of breakfast foods for us. The group included Marcia, Kyra, Brandon, her son, and his friend, Jenn Smith, and me.

They had fresh home fried potatoes, sausage, bacon, corned beef hash, pancakes, eggs, fruit salad, orange juice, and toast.

Then I came home, and my granddaughter, Kassi Neal, brought me white roses.

To end the day, Jenn Smith’s son Iain Bullis, was taking her to dinner at the Maple Inn. Jenn and Brandon asked me to go, and then I invited Kassi and her boyfriend, Jared Martin. We had a great dinner, good conversation, and it ended a beautiful Mother’s Day.

I remembered my mother, Martha Longacker and everything she taught me.

Roast beef dinner

Prepare for a treat. A delicious meal will be prepared at the Thompon’s Lake Reformed Church, On Saturday, May 17, with servings from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Take outs are available.

The dinner includes: top round roast beef, garlic mashed potatoes, candied baby carrots, dessert, and more. Adult tickets are $10, and children five to 12 years old are $5. Kids under five-years-old are free. For more information call 872-0432.