Thompsons Lake, Apr. 17, 2014

Monday, April 7, was my Zoey day. Danielle brought me her walker and Zoey spent the day following me around the house in it. I had planned to spend time outside but it was still very cold. We played on my bed and Zoey ripped off two cardboard nametags Nichole had taped on the bed.

One read Miss Clark and the other Nichole Grace. Nichole plays that she’s a schoolteacher. Zoey is very good with her hands.

Tuesday, April 8, was warmer. I got a cortisone shot in my knee. I’m trying to delay another knee replacement as long as I can. I guess I don’t want to give up my driving for a while.

Later in the day, my daughter, Kathy Carnevale picked me up and we went to the Yellow Deli in Durham. I like that place because it’s unique and the food is homemade. Everything in the deli makes it look like you are in a forest. They use tree trunks, tree branches and macramé. 

Wednesday, April 9, was a day for making appointments. Then I went on the dinner visit with my grandson, Brandon Clark, to spend time with his children, Samson and Nichole in Cobleskill.

Thursday, April 10, I decided to get my hair cut.

My granddaughter, Danielle Rickets, told me she wanted something yellow for her baby, Zoey, to wear for Easter. My sister, Pat Sykala, told me she shopped in Kohl’s and they had many yellow outfits.

Zoey’s going into size 12 months and I bought her a yellow dress and several yellow play sets. Danny’s favorite color was yellow.

Friday, April 11, rolled around and I had plans with my daughters, Kathy Carnevale and Marcia Pangburn and my grandson, Brandon Clark, to meet at the New Salem firehouse to enjoy a fish dinner together.

We enjoyed the dinner and probably ate too much.

We saw neighbors there, Dorothy and Doug Fisher, Nancy and George Montesano, and their daughter, Jenna and grandson. We also saw Kathy and Bobby Sherman from Westerlo with one of their sons and his family. It was a very enjoyable evening.

Then came Saturday, April 12, and the family wanted to gather at the East Berne firehouse to get a picture of Zoey with the Easter Bunny. Danielle brought Zoey and she sat by the adult rabbit until she turned and got a good look at her and then she cried. 

Also enjoying the breakfast were Kathy and Gary Carnevale, Marcia Pangburn, Kassi Neal, Brandon Clark, Jenn Smith and me. We have that memory of Joey and the Easter Bunny in snapshots.

Sunday, April 13, I went to church and then my granddaughter, Kassi came over. I had called her during the week to tell her about the reopening of the Schoharie Easter Egg Museum.

Kassi is the activities director of Delmar Place and I thought she might want to take her residents there.

Kassi told me she is already planning events for June. We decided to go together to visit the museum once again. We did and marveled at those 5,000 eggs as we had in the past. 

Then we went to the Apple Barrel for an unusual delicious lunch. 

I had a marvelous weekend and hope everyone else enjoyed the beautiful weather. Winter is over; let spring begin.

Holy Week

Good Friday worship service is on April 18 at 7 p.m., at the Thompson’s Lake Reformed Church followed by Easter worship on April 20, at 7 a.m. An easter breakfast will follow the service.