Lora Ricketts

I am writing this column after going through a very sad weekend. As most of you know, I lost my only son, Danny, to a very tragic accident on Saturday.

It was another great week to eat from the garden. We really enjoyed our fill of zucchini dipped in egg, then flour and sautéed.

On Thursday, my grandson, Miles Pangburn and his wife, Melissa, joined my son, Dan and me for a steak dinner.

This was the week I started a new position that I haven’t had experience with for a few years. My youngest great-grandchild, Nichole had turned 7 in December and now my granddaughter, Danielle arrived at 7:15 a.m., with 7-week-old Zoey for me to care for.

This has been one of those eating from the garden weeks. We have enjoyed green beans, zucchini, green peppers and tomatoes. We also have eggplant.

You just feel better when eating fresh foods grown as you watched.

My week is always busy and the last week started with Memorial Day. I went to the firehouse for pictures with the fire company and then to Berne to watch the parade. My son, Dan had the day off from UPS and we enjoyed a chicken dinner together along with cousin, Chris Richardson.

What a beautiful weekend we had. I did some outside work. I removed the hay my grandson, Brandon, had put around my sunny nook to keep the cold, winter winds out.


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