Thompsons Lake

Monday, Aug. 18, was my Zoey day. She’s getting older and changing day by day. She still has a bottle once in a while. I fed her oatmeal for breakfast. I cooked enough for the both of us. 

We walked down to the new house and visited Jenn and Iain. Iain played with her sort of following each other around the house. Then we walked back to my house and had lunch. Zoey now tries to string farm animals on a necklace. It’s one I had for Nichole. Children never tire of the same toys.

Later Jenn and Iain stopped in as he was riding his new bike and she was riding her old one.

On Tuesday, Aug. 19, I wrote my news and Jenn drove me to Altamont with it on her lunch hour. Matt still has my SUV and is working on it nights, after working on it all day Sunday.

I walked down and back to Brandon and Jenn’s house again. No vehicle means more walking.

Hooray, at 9 p.m. Matt and Danielle brought my SUV back. 

Matt showed me pictures on his cell phone of what the job entailed. I could not believe it. He had to take the front end off and then take the motor out. Next he had to install the compressor and put it all back together again. He also cleaned parts as he went along.

I admit I forgot many things he did, as I’m not very knowledgeable about engines.

Matt is a mechanic and usually works on big truck motors. I am so happy to have wheels again. Living in the country is difficult without a vehicle.

On Wednesday, Aug. 20, I was happy to be able to drive to the hardware store to buy milk. Since always living on a farm, milk is our number one choice of a beverage.

Thursday, Aug. 21, I went to the bank and then bought my groceries at Price Chopper. My thoughts were that I’d do my housework on Friday, as that’s the day Samson and Nichole come back for a week.

In the evening I took my vehicle back to Matt Babcock and he checked it over again and everything is fine. Matt showed me some more technology about my SUV. 

One amazing thing is when the headlight dial is pointed at one symbol, they will work automatically. That’s awesome. They come on when it’s dark or raining and dim when meeting other vehicles. I just can’t believe it. But, then my SUV lets me know if a door is ajar or the window in the back is open.

On Friday, Aug. 22, I cleaned out two kitchen cupboards and then rode to Schoharie with Brandon to pick up Samson and Nichole.

The highlight of my evening was being invited to my daughter, Kathy’s house for dinner. She served tossed salad, mushroom ravioli, fried scallops, homemade brownies, and had ice cream for dessert.

On Saturday, Aug. 23, Brandon, Jenn and Samson went to Home Depot to choose some inexpensive kitchen cupboards. I drove down with Nichole and Iain to take part in the exciting project.

We then topped off the day by going to the Summerfest in Berne, and enjoying the beautiful fireworks.

On Sunday, Aug. 24, I marinated chicken for dinner. Jenn took Nichole to her father’s friend Mike Smith to swim. Brandon had to get a few more things at Home Depot and I rode with him.

Then Brandon barbecued the chicken and I prepared baked potatoes and sweet corn. Marcia Pangburn and Kyra took Samson and Iain to Myosotis Lake to see a snake exhibit and swim. Then we all enjoyed dinner together, and the weekend was over.

I rode with Marcia and Kyra to Selkirk where we met Marcia’s friend, Beth Courtney, as Kyra is spending a few days with her.

I love spending my days with family. My sister, Pat Sykala, invited me to go to her time-share at Villa Roma at Callicoon in the Catskills. I declined because Samson and Nichole are here for the week. It was an easy choice for me to make.

Sunday worship

Knox Reformed Church and the Thompson’s Lake Reformed Church will be joining together for worship at Thacker Park Overlook on Sunday, Sept. 7, at 9 a.m. come join us for this worship in the great outdoors, taking in the beauty that God has made and Mother Nature has tweaked.

This unique service will help us say goodbye to our wonderful summer and usher in our crisp fall days to come. Please bring a beach chair, and if you’d like, a shade umbrella. See you there!

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