Thompson's Lake, May 8, 2014

Monday, April 28, came and it was cold and dreary. I wrote my news and took it to Altamont. The day passed quickly just getting loose ends tied up. I had to think about getting the furnace cleaned and setting up an appointment.

On Tuesday, April 29, I went to Wal-Mart, and exchanged a poster frame for Samson. Our dinner visits are just too short to do any shopping.

We meet Samson and Nichole at 5 p.m., and have to have them back at 7 p.m. We eat, visit, and make sure they do their homework.

Wednesday, April 30, was cold and rainy. I spent the morning with my daughter, Marcia Pangburn, as she had some business to attend to.

Later in the afternoon, I went with my grandson, Brandon Clark on his dinner visit to see his children, Samson and Nichole. We ate, did homework, and then hurried to Wal-Mart to look for hunting clothes.

Samson has his first hunting license and can hunt turkeys with dad.

Nichole wants to go hunting, though she can only watch.

Thursday, May 1, was my Zoey day. Still loves getting around in her walker, opening cupboards, and looking at the contents. I took her for a walk in the afternoon, and when we came back we sat outside for awhile. She loved hearing the noise of the chickens.

Jenn Smith came by and took her for another walk down to the pond and then into the chicken coop. She came back to the house with a big smile.

Zoey loves to eat Cheerios. It’s one for her and one for Reba. 

Along came Friday, May 2, my grocery day. I also went to the Boy Scout store and bought head lamps for Samson and Nichole because they get up at 4 a.m. and head to the woods before 5 a.m.

Now, Nichole tells me they can’t use a light because the turkeys might see them coming.

Saturday, May 3, came bright and early. Brandon, Samson, and Nichole slept at my house, as it’s where they had their hunting equipment. Samson didn’t dress warm enough and they both got their feet wet. No one shot a turkey.

They were hunting with Tommy Ryan, a friend of Uncle Danny’s.

Miles Pangburn and Paul Ginter were also part of their group.

On Sunday, May 4, Brandon, Samson, and Nichole slept at the new house. Nichole decided not to go hunting. She stayed behind with Jenn Smith and Iain Bullis.

Samson still had wet shoes, but he put his stocking feet in plastic grocery bags, and then in his hunting shoes, and went.

No one shot anything, but they did see a turkey. Of course, it was a hen. 

Tommy Ryan fixed a water line up at Danny’s house and then hung doors for Brandon and Jenn. He is a wonderful, caring person. He says, Uncle Dan, wanted to get Brandon living in that house. 

We enjoyed dinner together and then Samson and Nichole had to return to their mother in Richmondville.

It was a memorable, happy weekend.

Roast beef supper

The Thompson’s Lake Reformed Church will hold their annual spring roast beef supper on Saturday, May 17, from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Takeouts are available.

The menu includes top round roast beef, garlic mashed potatoes, candied baby carrots, dessert and more. Adult dinners are $10; children five to 12 years old are $5; and kids under five are free.

For more information, call 872-0432.