Thompson's Lake, May 29, 2014

Monday, May 19, was my “Zoey day.” My daughter, Marcia Pangburn, was on vacation and came over for breakfast. After that, she took Zoey for a walk in her stroller. It was a cool day, but Zoey had socks on and a blanket. Zoey is good with her hands and can put the protective cover back on her bottle herself. My grandson, Brandon Clark, picked up Chinese food for dinner. Marcia, Kyra Swan, Jenn Smith, and Lain Bullis joined us. On Tuesday, May 20, I was very lucky. My daughter, Marcia, came over for breakfast and then worked on my flowerbed all morning. She planted the beautiful purple phlox she bought for me and then weeded the rest of the garden. After lunch, she left to mow her lawn, and I had to write my news. In the last afternoon, I went with Brandon, Jenn, Lain, Marcia and Kyra to Radez School Richmondville, where Nichole was taking part in the Science Fair. Nichole was demonstrating a tornado and demonstrated the storm center of a tornado. Nichole had on a special science t-shirt and she received a certificate. On Wednesday, May 21, I raked the lawn and put the clippings around the phlox to cut down on weeds. I went with Brandon on his dinner visit with Samson and Nichole, and they played Frisbee on the Schoharie School Playground. Thursday, May 22, I planned to spend the day relaxing with my daughter, Marcia. She was busy all morning doing errands.  I asked her what she wanted to do and she said visit cousin Michael Richardson in Starkville.  We went to Aunt Linda’s house and were visiting when the warnings about a tornado came on.  It became a very stressful afternoon. We did get to visit with Miko. The storm didn’t last too long, and we headed home behind it. Everyone in our family and circle of friends were missed, and our hearts go out to the lady who lost her home and the farmer who lost his barns. Then came Friday, May 23, and I bought dog food for Ginger and Reba and groceries for the rest of us. At 6 p.m., I drove to Voorheesville to my niece Veronica Weigand’s house and got to hold my great-great nephew, Luca. He lives in Maryland with his parents, Jocelyn and Sergui. He’s 4 months old now. That was a joyous occasion. On Saturday, May 24, my granddaughter, Kassi Neal, came over and wrote out invitations for her upcoming house warming party. Then I took a drive with Marcia to the ToeJam Camp in Cairo where Kyra was camping with her Dad, Chuck Swan. We drove back and joined a get-together at my granddaughter Danielle Ricketts’ house. There the rest of the family met us. That is Kathy, Gary, Kassi, Jared Martin, Brandon, Jenn Smith, Miles and Melissa Pangburn, and, of course, Matt and Zoey and many of their friends. On Sunday, May 25, I went to church and waited around for Marcia to come plant my canas and dahlias. She came about 5 p.m. I really got bit up by little bugs that caused swelling and itching for days. About 7 p.m. Marcia and I picked up Kyra’s friend, Ella David, in Township and drove her to the campsite. It was the ending to an exciting week. I am so lucky; I got 3 flower gardens planted. Gary Carnevale planted petunias for me Thursday while I was in Starkville. Family is priceless!

Dessert theatre

The Thompson’s Lake Reformed Church will be sponsoring a dessert theatre on Saturday, May 31, at 2 p.m. Tickets for the event are $10. For information and tickets call 810-3668.

The event will offer you a sweet treat in both dessert and entertainment. Proceeds help support the efforts of the Thompson’s Lake Reformed Church. The show, The Boardinghouse, is a mystery that will have the audience laughing from beginning to end.