H. Rose Schneider

Building Inspector Chance Townsend says he has too much work in his limited hours — 20 to 30 hours a week — to keep up with making citations for the many code violations in Berne.

The supervisor, in an email to the town board, commended the work done on repairing a grinder pump at a residence in Berne’s sewer district, though it appears no outside agencies were contacted when the pump overflowed.

Knox is looking to sign up more people for check-ins with the Albany County Sheriff’s Office, though county officials say they already have an outreach effort.

One change made to the contract recently includes a removal of requiring agency fees following a Supreme Court decision affecting districts across the country.

The man was driving across a field off of Knox Cave Road when he struck the end of a utility trailer.

Supervisor Sean Lyons said he decided town board liaisons are not necessary, and that department heads can simply communicate directly with the board.

RENSSELAERVILLE — A $10,000 grant to the town of Rensselaerville and the not-for-profit Carey Institute for Global Good is to help connect the rural Hilltowns with surrounding cities.

Several towns in Albany County employ their own prosecutors or have town attorneys serve as prosecutors for low-level offenses or violations of local laws, though it is unclear whether this is a benefit to towns or not.

After hearing from its accounting firm last week, the Rensselaerville Town Board decided to cautiously continue using the firm after state police charged the supervisor last month with writing checks to himself.

A woman assaulted her partner and started to hit and choke his daughter when the daughter tried to get her father away.


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