H. Rose Schneider

Westerlo’s solar law could be amended to change the nature of how decommissioning bonds are determined in the midst of solar applications being approved over again in order to include a new type of energy-storage system.

Bullets struck the outside wall, front door, and a water cooler at the restaurant Pop’s Place.

The proposed Rensselaerville budget for 2019 has an increase of about $33,000 in its general and highway funds. Increases of town workers’ wages drew the ire of some residents, but were defended by town officials as being increases on already low salaries.

After being re-appointed to the town’s water board and again offering a monthly report on Westerlo’s water district, William Bichteman said the district is still financially strapped as more expenses arise.

With increased costs for the water district, garbage removal, and other expenses looming, the 2019 preliminary budget for the town of Westerlo stays under the state-set tax cap but increases by over $100,000.

Berne’s $2.9 million budget proposal for next year is up $82,000 from this year’s spending, and will draw over $50,000 from reserves and $368,000 from the town’s fund balance to keep taxes flat.

Democratic Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara will continue to represent the 111th Assembly District for a fourth term after winning 53 percent of the vote on Tuesday.

After an extremely close special election in April, Assemblyman Chris Tague, a Republican, has kept his seat in the 102nd District of the State Assembly, according to unofficial election results.

A Berne man has been arrested with over half a dozen charges related to abusing a child.

An argument between two students and the mention of weapon led to a Berne-Knox-Westerlo bus driver using a “panic button,” part of new radio installed on the bus, to contact law enforcement to respond.


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