H. Rose Schneider

Efforts to put Republican candidates on the Democratic line through a write-in campaign were unsuccessful, though write-in ballots made up a third of the votes in the Knox Democratic Primary.

Hébert Joseph, the new chairman of the town’s Democratic Party, said that he hopes to get more Democrats voting this year, such as by helping transport the elderly to the polls and encouraging young people to vote.

Dana Sherman, who is enrolled in the Independence Party, said he is campaigning to represent himself, rather than a party’s values.

Andra Ackerman

Both Andra Ackerman and Holly Trexler are city judges who are running on their records of programs they put in place to help defendants.

The grant requires that some of the work to convert the stage in the auditorium at the Westerlo Town Hall into a records room be done by a woman or minority-owned business.

CapitalCare Family Practice

A meeting on Monday, June 24, will be held at the Helderberg Ambulance building on Cole Hill Road in Berne to discuss what options the community has after the only doctor’s office in town closes.

A group of residents and business owners from South Westerlo objected to the construction of solar arrays in town due to concerns about the safety of battery-storage systems and the effect on the vista.

RENSSELAERVILLE — A single-car crash in Rensselaerville early Sunday morning has left one Middleburgh young woman dead and another injured, according to a report from the Albany County Sheriff’s Office.

This year’s Agriculture Fair at Berne-Knox-Westerlo included a menagerie of animals, many of whom were brought by BKW students.

Sue Hoadley, Westerlo’s library manager, has had many jobs in her life, but a love of research drew her to be a librarian. She will retire from her post this summer.


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