H. Rose Schneider

The Albany County Civil Service is now reviewing the dismissal of three Knox transfer station workers, and had issued a decision that at least two shouldn’t have been fired before rescinding it, town officials said.

The Berne Town Board decided in a split vote to reinstate the positions of liaisons a little over a month after the supervisor decided to do away with the posts.

The building has been used by police, emergency medical service responders, firefighters, and blood-drive workers.

In towns like Knox and Guilderland, fees for hauling away electronic waste have risen, which recyclers say is because manufacturers are not taking their fair share of the e-waste.

Chance Townsend said he has not had enough hours to do his job properly, though several town board members disagree.

John E. McIntyre has been arrested for again contacting the same teenager he had contacted for sex in October, police say.

In a new program at Berne-Knox-Westerlo, students from Daishan High School in China are staying with host families in the district for a week and attending classes with BKW students.

A fire in Westerlo that destroyed a small home on Route 406 is likely due to electric space heaters that were used.

After more than 50 years of serving the town, Rapp said he is stepping down as supervisor this March due to family matters.

BKW Secondary School Principal Mark Pitterson said that, in the last few months, about a dozen vape pens have been confiscated from students.


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