H. Rose Schneider

Local drivers, both experienced and new to demolition derbies, can participate in the event at the Altamont Fair. Two winners from each of the first four rounds will crash into one another at the championship event, until the last car running wins.

“Unfortunately for those South Westerlo folks, there’s a thought of South Westerlo becoming ‘Solar Westerlo,’” said Councilman Joseph Boone at Westerlo’s town board meeting.

Fifteen members serve on the Westerlo Rescue Squad, a mere 0.4 percent of the town’s population of about 3,400. The average age of the members is 60. Both factors have led to the decision for the volunteer ambulance to close at the end of the year.

A crowd of around 30 people was waiting outside the Rensselaerville Town Hall for the arraignment of Harley A. Kelly, the driver in a June car crash that killed Emily Fydenkevez. Some were friends or family of Fydenkevez; others were there for Kelly; but several had known both of the 19-year-old Middleburgh residents, who were said to be friends.

Joe Coffey, the commissioner of the city of Albany Water Department, said that the city generally never uses the Basic Creek Reservoir in the late summer and early fall because of its tendency to have algae blooms, both toxic and nontoxic.

Debbie Scott, the new director of the Westerlo Public Library shelves books

“I was looking forward to being back in a small town … ,” Debbie Scott said of starting as the new director of the Westerlo Public Library. “I was looking forward to serving a community and a public library.”

Joseph Heyman

Joseph Heyman, Ph.D., a retired scientist at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, told a young boy, “In your lifetime, son, amazing things are going to happen that you never even dreamt of.”

An investigation is still ongoing, police say, and forensic analysis of some items may lead to further charges against a 33-year-old Knox man who has been arrested for sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl.

The Berne-Knox-Westerlo superintendent said that the Center for Education Policy Research typically studies urban schools, but will begin a five-year study of 50 schools in Ohio and New York. BKW is one of 25 districts in the state, with other nearby districts including Broadalbin-Perth and Sharon Springs, he said.

Unless local governments can demonstrate raising pigs is a threat to public health and safety, farms in an agricultural district are protected under state law from unreasonable regulations, a state official said.


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