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Shirley Unser​, Coordinator, New Salem Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary

Alan Fitzpatrick, President; Ron Bass, Director; Robert DuBois, Vice President; Richard Sloma, Director; Kris Vogt, Secretary; Benjamin Weaver, Director; Mary Frye, Treasurer; Angela Datri, Director, Western Turnpike Rescue Squad

Christine Govin​, Guilderland Teaching Assistants

Ed Ackroyd, advisor; Phil Stevens, advisor; Mike Collins, advisor; Richard Umholtz, advisor; Violet Writer, advisor; Walter Galicki, advisor, Citizens Review for Academic & Vocational Excellence

Bonnie Kohl Laub, Westerlo

The month of November brought snow and cold weather, but that did not stop the members of Helderberg Ambulance from responding to calls. In November, there were 27 calls; 16 of these calls resulted in a transport to the hospital.

John E. and Kristin Smith, Altamont