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Helderberg Ambulance met on May 14. This was not our ordinary type of meeting. For the first time in the history of the squad, we met by Zoom.

We would like to congratulate Carrie Murray of Berne, who has become our newest crew chief.

The weather this month sure has had its ups and downs. Helderberg Ambulance responded to calls during a snowstorm, an ice storm, and when temperatures in the 60s. We answered 37 calls this month for a total of 412 calls for the year. We transported 23 patients to local hospitals.

The members of Helderberg Ambulance would like to wish all of the readers of The Altamont Enterprise a wonderful holiday season.

April was a cool, rainy, and busy month for the Helderberg Ambulance squad. There were 39 calls and 25 of those calls were transports to the hospital. Thanks to our new emergency medical technicians, there was only one turnover.

The new ambulance arrived on April 6 and is fully stocked and is now in service.

In January, the Helderberg Ambulance squad had 39 calls with 23 transports, and two turnovers; 61 percent of these calls were Basic Life Support transports and 39  percent were with Advanced Life Support.

The members of Helderberg Ambulance wish the residents of Berne and Knox a Happy New Year.

The month of November brought snow and cold weather, but that did not stop the members of Helderberg Ambulance from responding to calls. In November, there were 27 calls; 16 of these calls resulted in a transport to the hospital.

Volunteer voices

For the month of September, the Helderberg Ambulance squad had 24 calls and four calls were handled by the Albany County Sheriff’s Department ambulance. Most of these calls were during the daytime and half had the Medic ride along.

Volunteer Voices. Helderberg News

The month of January was another busy time for the Helderberg Ambulance Squad. On Jan. 20, the squad hosted an American Red Cross Blood Drive, headed up by Cynthia Johnson. Thanks to all those who helped set up for the blood drive. Cynthia’s goal was 31 donations and there were 30 donations. Thank you to everyone who donated blood.


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