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For the month of September, the Helderberg Ambulance squad had 24 calls and four calls were handled by the Albany County Sheriff’s Department ambulance. Most of these calls were during the daytime and half had the Medic ride along.

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The month of January was another busy time for the Helderberg Ambulance Squad. On Jan. 20, the squad hosted an American Red Cross Blood Drive, headed up by Cynthia Johnson. Thanks to all those who helped set up for the blood drive. Cynthia’s goal was 31 donations and there were 30 donations. Thank you to everyone who donated blood.

The year 2018 is here and we are ready for another year of serving the community by providing emergency medical services. In 2017, the Helderberg Ambulance Squad responded to 434 calls.

The month of September has been very busy for our Helderberg Ambulance squad. We answered 48 calls with 30 transports to local hospitals.

In June, Helderberg Ambulance had 44 calls with 19 transports. There were 30 calls in the town of Berne, 12 in the town of Knox, and two others.

We want to welcome five new members. We are very excited to have new drivers and three new members who will begin their emergency-medical-technician training in August.

January was a busy month for the Helderberg Ambulance Squad. There were 38 calls with 19 transports. The majority of these calls were medical. There were 24 calls in Berne and 14 calls in Knox. The Albany County Sheriff’s Office paramedic and the Guilderland paramedic rode with the squad on 10 calls.

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July was another active month for the Helderberg Ambulance Squad. The members responded to 45 calls. The 45 calls consisted of 31 transports to local hospitals, 14 non transports, and three motor-vehicle incidents. There were 12 cancelled calls and two stand-by calls.

The past few months have been busy for Helderberg Ambulance and June was no different. There were 45 calls this month and 22 were transports to local hospitals.  Of the 22 transports, 18 were trauma. There were 26 calls in the town of Berne, 13 calls in the town of Knox, and six calls for other agencies.

HILLTOWNS — During the month of May, the Helderberg Ambulance Squad was very busy.  There were 21 transports to the hospital — 18 were medical, one trauma, and two motor-vehicle accidents.  There were eight cancelled calls and four non-transports. Eighteen of the calls were in the town of Berne and eight were in the town of Knox.


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