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Ed Cowley, an artist who shaped Altamont, died in 2014.

Pat Canaday for The 125th Anniversary Committee of the Altamont Fair

Ron Barnell, President, Helderberg Earth & Sky Observatory/Science Center

Sandy Slingerland, publicist, Clarksville Historical Society

Obituaries seem to color my life; I’ve written them, I read them, I ponder them during research. The histories of people and their deaths have been essential parts of my life in anthropology, journalism, and ministry.

Shirley Unser, New York Capital District Christian Women's Connection

Tony Siracusa, Guilderland

Donald Csaposs , Guilderland

Ron Barnell, President, Helderberg Earth & Sky Observatory Association

This is an excerpt from Gerard A. Finin’s just-published book, “A Good and Noble Thing: The Pioneering Life and Service of Anna Ward Perkins, M.D.” 

George Pratt, Retired Police Chief, Altamont