Napierski will equally, fairly, and ethically serve all town members

To the Editor:

My husband and I are the Republicans who co-hosted the meet-and-greet event with our friend, a registered Democrat, that is one of the topics of Betty Head’s attack on Judge Napierski. As I said in the invitation to my friends, I have never been politically active prior to now.

Why now? I was pleasantly surprised that Christine Napierski was rightfully recognized for her abilities and selected over Democratic insiders for the position of Guilderland Town Judge. Surprised because she has not been a political person and was chosen for a position that tends to reward loyal party members; thrilled that politics was not considered, only qualifications; and shocked that the Democratic Party then chose to endorse a candidate who was rejected by the town board.

I wanted to host a party so that registered Guilderland Democrats would be aware of the need to attend the July 26 caucus at Tawasentha Park at 6 p.m. (get there early!) to vote for Judge Napierski to be on the Democratic line in November.

It was a lovely event and I was so happy that people got to meet Christine and ask her questions. If you have questions for her, go to her website,

In addition to having a party for Democrats, I tirelessly canvassed Guilderland to get signatures for Judge Napierski to be on the primary ballots for the Conservative and Independence parties because I think she is hands down the best candidate for town judge — regardless of what line she is on in November. I’d like to see her on every line.

Being a town judge should be an apolitical position. Judges cannot have political platforms because they do not make the laws and must remain impartial. Bryan Clenahan’s ad in the July 12 Enterprise citing his legislative record was inappropriate.

In response to Betty’s comments, I can tell you that there is no “well-oiled machine.” This is as grassroots a campaign as I have ever seen (keeping in mind that I have never been involved in a campaign before). Judge Napierski and her supporters are just beginning to dip their feet into political waters out of necessity.

Betty accused Christine of trying to curry favor with the “moneyed and powerful.” In reality, Christine has been knocking on doors, attending local events, and taking the time to meet people in the yards and houses of town residents. My yard is not an upscale locale, although I did decorate with balloons, so it was kinda fancy.

By the way, I work at Napierski, VanDenburgh, Napierski and O’Connor. That is how I know Christine and what a great attorney and person she is. I asked to support her candidacy on my own time because that is how strongly I feel about her as my town judge.

Please attend the caucus on July 26 if you are a registered Democrat. If you are not, vote for her in the primaries of the Independence, Conservative or Women’s Equality parties. If you are not registered in those parties, look for her name on any line in November. She’s the best candidate and will equally, fairly and ethically serve all town members regardless of their economic status or party affiliation.

Ronnie Sills Lindberg


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