Jo E. Prout

My kids have been anticipating the holidays since September, and they are counting the days — not because of food, presents, or snow, but because we will be hosting Hedgie the Hedgehog.

Obituaries seem to color my life; I’ve written them, I read them, I ponder them during research. The histories of people and their deaths have been essential parts of my life in anthropology, journalism, and ministry.

My empty canning jars are stockpiled and ready for harvest season. I saved them all year, filling a few here and there with pickles from a friend’s leftover cucumbers and jam from a couple pints of strawberries. The majority, however, sit empty. I set out last week to rectify that with some donated elderberries.

The 38-year-old, Erika Barkman, from Voorheesville, fell 50 to 60 feet, police said.

ALBANY COUNTY — After two years of protests, public meetings, and the institution of water-protection laws in two counties, the natural gas pipeline expansion project has been officially withdrawn.

At the Wyman Osterhout Community Center in New Salem, used for events and as a polling place, the front entrance has dangerous steps that have been cordoned off.

Library Trustee Bryan Richmond won another five-year term on the Voorheesville Public Library Board of Trustees with 429 votes, defeating Alan Kowlowitz, who garnered 298.

Residents from Guilderland, Bethlehem, and Albany have joined Voorheesville villagers in mourning the anticipated loss of Smith’s Tavern in the heart of the village along the Vly Creek, and across from the elementary school. The iconic pizzeria may soon be sold to Stewart’s Shops.

“I’m trying to retire,” Smith’s Tavern co-owner Jon McClelland told The Enterprise. “I thought we had it sold to a group.”

The sale did not go through, he said.

The Alliance for Environmental Renewal, led by its president, Peter Henner, filed a lawsuit on May 5 against Empire State Development to stop it from distributing any of the $500 million that was appropriated by the New York State Legislature to improve broadband access, to ensure that areas without access receive it before the funds are depleted.

Albany County Sheriff's Office Investigator Eric Burns was injured on April 5, 2012 when a rock hit his face as he was rappelling down the Helderberg Escarpment to reach and remove loose rocks.


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