We got frantic calls from people who could not get their prescriptions filled and outraged calls from people who had loved and trusted their doctor, demanding an answer. We have none.

Carol Waterman, Guilderland

The child’s tale about stone soup is being played out in Westerlo as people are contributing to a farm that Dennis Peterson is setting up for his autistic children, hoping it will serve others with disabilities as well.

A courageous woman stood up in Guilderland Town Court on June 30.  She had been beaten by her live-in boyfriend, William Beer.

Austin Carter appreciates the police who offered protection when he was harassed. Since he was small, he has wanted to be a police officer himself.

A week ago, a friend of ours took part in Albany’s Pride parade. She spoke of how happy and together people felt that day. Gay men and lesbian women who had struggled so long and hard for acceptance could march in a parade, waving a flag of many colors, a symbol of their pride. And people cheered.

There is an important difference between being a pedophile — something one is born as — and being a child molester — something one chooses to do.

Brave transgender students at Guilderland High School have shared their stories; now the school board must act.

One of the reasons we became a journalist was because we believe that by telling people’s stories truthfully others can learn to understand the common humanity we share.

The modification to the STAR [School Tax Relief] exemption program contained in the 2016-17 New York State budget will not provide additional, timely savings or relief from the onerous school tax burden that our state and executive officials say they are addressing.


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