Trish Blizzard, Altamont

Nancy Frueh, vice president, Knox Historical Society

Historical markers are guideposts to our past, bringing attention to local history that is rarely recognized outside of school.

Household water should be tested for lead. Even low levels can affect a child’s developing brain.

Sexual predators will claim more victims if we treat their crimes as taboo rather than reporting on them and confronting them.

Government programs, spending millions in taxpayer money, to kill coyotes is worse than pointless because the attempts at eradication have instead led to proliferation.

To the Editor:

When you  get home, how long are you on your phone for? How long is it before you do your homework because of your phone? I take a least one hour on my phone before I do anything else; there is so much to catch up on — especially because there is no Internet at school.

Most people masturbate, and always have. Prehistoric cave drawings from around the globe confirm this.

The problem comes in our modern society when it’s done in public. It hurts people.

Leadership is needed now in Voorheesville to engage a wide variety of stakeholders in creating a comprehensive land-use plan.

If each of us does our part with renewable energy, we can save more than money; we can save the world.


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