Although schools we cover have policies to support transgender students, the great danger in having a federal directive that chips away at the civil rights of any of us is it weakens all of us.

Civil discourse at Knox Town board meetings would yield solutions. The board should not pass up a $12,000 grant that would lead to a $100,000 grant.

Stephen Tompkins, 63, is conducting a solitary protest, standing in the snow and cold by the road with a sign. We like his idea of patriotism. It belongs to each of us. We need to act on our convictions.

A Muslim woman, invited to educate others, spoke in a Voorheesville church, in a session sponsored by the church and the library. A rude interruption frightened her and some of the crowd. What can we learn from this?

Catherine Cunningham​, Voorheesville

It is as if our nation, since Donald Trump’s inauguration, has returned to the bitter battle that led to the Bill of Rights in the first place — limiting federal power by guaranteeing personal freedoms and rights. Those compromises have stood us in good stead for nearly 230 years — why should we abandon them now?

We support a project to build a new playground at Voorheesville Elementary School, replacing the quarter-century old one, but urge that this time the playground not be built beneath power lines.

Research shows an adolescent’s brain is different than an adult’s. New York’s criminal justice system needs to recognize this reality. Young offenders deserve a chance to right their wrongs and go on to lead productive lives.

The state’s Department of Environmental Conservation issued new rules at the start of 2016, limiting the time licensed wildlife rehabilitators have before releasing hurt animals, spawning two lawsuits.

I’ve been wanting to say something about the meaning of Christmas for some time now.


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