Christmas is getting closer.  On Tuesday, Dec. 13, the Old Men of the Mountain met at the Country Café on Main Street in Schoharie.

Laws should be changed so that the family of an injured or killed worker can receive the benefits to which they are rightfully entitled.

New York State has no requirement to screen the venison donated to food pantries for the lead left by bullets. It should. Otherwise, the people hunters seek to help can be poisoned.

The lesson of the First Thanksgiving is about diversity and inclusion. Now we must follow the example of the Native Americans who kept the immigrant Pilgrims from starvation and death.

Pretending climate change is not real won’t make it go away.

Hunters and shooters need to change their habits to save themselves and the animals they value.

Any one of us could lose a job, or fall ill, or suffer an accident — and lose our home. Getting government services can be difficult. Family Promise bridges the gap.

We need to zone so that solar will be embraced; the future of our Earth depends upon it.

The opening of a new trail in the Bozen Kill Preserve is a good time to relish the benefits — physical, mental, and spiritual — of a walk in the woods.

As Voorheesville sets out to draft a blueprint for development, it would be wise to follow advice from the architect of Altamont’s master plan: Be open and inclusive.


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