Wonderful programs can assist Sherry with recovering from her depression

To the Editor:

While The Enterprise did a nice job of staying impartial through the article about Sherry Francis, it is time Sherry takes some accountability for her actions (or lack thereof). Blaming a drug that is taken voluntarily is a poor excuse for being disrespectful and inconsiderate.

Marc [Smith, Sherry Francis’s landlord] is a good friend of mine and I have watched him get increasingly stressed out over this situation, all the while just trying to do the right thing. He did not want to evict Sherry but a person can only go on for so long without income that he depends on to maintain the very home that is supposed to be generating that income.

Marc gave Sherry more than a fair chance to get her life together and lost a lot of money over the several months that she refused to take any action, not even give a simple response to him via text or phone call. She said she needs to get to DSS [Department of Social Services] for assistance – what is she waiting for?

Through public records, one can see that Sherry has a history of destructive behavior. If she truly feels that her maladaptive behavior is a side effect of her depression medication, then she needs to speak with her doctor about trying something else instead of just saying, “oh, well” and continuing to be a menace to our society.

If she truly struggles with even recognizing her issues (which I doubt, seeing as how the article was written about it to begin with), then as someone who works locally in the mental health field, I can confidently say there is help available. There are some wonderful programs available in the community that can assist Sherry with recovering from her depression and getting her life back in order. To find more information about mental-health services in the Capital Region, anyone can call 1-800-597-8481.

I hope that Sherry can take a step back and realize she is hurting herself and our community by not being accountable and will instead choose to make a life change.

Trish Blizzard


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