Enterprise Consulting Services is once again looking to install a cell tower in Altamont. In 2013, the company had the same proposal for the same for the same site, on Agawam Lane.

ALTAMONT — Stewart’s Shops is again proposing an expansion that would require a zoning change, a measure that the village board rejected in a split vote three years ago.

Librarians from halfway around the world have come to the Capital Region to learn from their American counterparts.

A group from Altamont has, for years, been making quilts that have helped raise money, spirits, and awareness.   

ALTAMONT — On Sept. 5, Robert Rabbin, a Main Street resident, complained to the village board about gaps in the pavement on his street — the state’s Route 146 — at the railroad crossing next to library.

ALTAMONT — This week, Wayne Knapp and Kathy Mack, a couple from Guilderland, will be strolling the grounds of Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia plantation, and they will also be exploring, on foot, the nation’s capital of country music: Nashville, Tennessee.

ALTAMONT — A decade-old tradition for the Altamont Volunteer Fire Department has a new twist.

Dennis Cyr, a Knox resident, recently moved and expanded his business, Mountainview Prosthetics, from a building on his Knox property, down the hill to Altamont’s Maple Avenue in a long-vacant space that was built as the village’s firehouse.

A trio of turkey vultures fan their wings in Wednesday’s sunshine, casting shadows on the roof of Remedies Wine and Spirits, on Altamont’s Main Street.

On Sunday, July 29, the Altamont Fire Department held a celebration for 125 years of service. Also, the fire department unveiled their brand new 2018 engine.


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