The Sheriff of Main Street

His high-pitched voice and hand held high

Were always raised for passers-by.

His vigilant eye was the weapon he held

And many a bully and laundry thief fell

On the watch of the Sheriff of Main Street.


A servant to all, especially those with fur or feather,

His guard post, a porch bench in every weather.

Ol' Matt Dillon, Sheriff Andy, and Barney Fife

Would have been proud to serve with the likes

Of the Sheriff of Main Street.


He stood proud in every community care

Whether parade, dinner, or Altamont Fair.

We cannot imagine these things or this place

Without the worn and familiar face

Of the Sheriff of Main Street.


So we will have to stand firm in our belief

That Voorheesville will always be “the beat”

Of the Sheriff of Main Street.


Becky Niles Letko

New Scotland

Editor's note: See related editorial.


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