RENSSELAERVILLE — On April 1, local poet Tom Corrado, of Berne, published “A Piece of Nothing,” a poem that on its face describes the experience of isolation, and the ensuing flights of fancy that provide solace in imagination. It doesn’t mention the virus, or quarantine, or any word that even suggests being alone.

The New York State Writers Institute continues its annual Community Writers Workshop series with a 10-week poetry workshop led by poet and teacher D. Colin.

She is the author of “Dreaming in Kreyol,” a collection of poems and prose paying homage to her Haitian heritage and history.

The opening of a new trail in the Bozen Kill Preserve is a good time to relish the benefits — physical, mental, and spiritual — of a walk in the woods.

ALTAMONT — Alan Casline is a poet; he thinks in metaphors.

He likens poets reading at the Altamont Fair to a hummingbird — “aerodynamically and scientifically proven to be unable to fly but no one told the humming bird.”

He asks, “How many county fairs feature poetry?  How many do so for 29 straight years?”

φαίνεταί μοι. If that’s Greek to you, you’re correct, it is.

His high-pitched voice and hand held high

Were always raised for passers-by.

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