Guilderhaven Inc.: A busy 2013

To the Editor:

In terms of our most important mission of spay/neuter, 2013 was our most active and successful year: 806 cats and 175 dogs.

More important than these numbers is the fact that we prevented the births of thousands, of unwanted kittens and puppies who would have faced uncertain and painful futures.

As well as receiving a steady stream of injured wildlife, our rehabilitator Joyce Perry gave 13 educational presentations. Joyce and “Olivia” our wildlife ambassador owl are a great team.

Guilderhaven was able to provide medical intervention at 34 local vet hospitals for injured and sick animals, and to give good and supplies to many families, enabling them to maintain their companion animals.

We are3 constantly reminded that everything Guilderhaven accomplishes would not happen without the wonderful and continued support of our generous community.

Thank you.


Pat House

Joyce Perry

Caroline Parente

Jean Simmons

Mark House

Lynn Baldauf

Sue Green

Bertie House

Katherine Fernandez

Guilderhave Inc.


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