Jean Conklin closed Hungerford Market at the end of 2022.

Asked about the high turnover, Guilderland Police chief Daniel McNally told The Enterprise this week that police officers leaving their jobs is a state and national trend. He attributed it to the “negative view of police” held by the public.

The track drop-off held up traffic on Main Street in Altamont for a total of approximately 45 minutes on Jan. 5, with the first closure lasting about 25 minutes and the second about 20, according to Altamont Free Library Director Joseph Burke. 

In 1956, Harry Simmons purchased two parcels of land from the McKown Farm Realty Corporation. Two years later, he sold 6.4 acres to Stuyvesant Plaza Inc. But Simmons “inadvertently omitted a small parcel of land from the conveyances to Stuyvesant Plaza,” according to a Jan. 3 lawsuit filed by the shopping center.

“The goal is to fill in these pieces and connect them for continuity — lands adjacent to one another provide for species movement, public recreation, and buffer from nearby development,” said Commission Executive Director Christopher Hawver.

Nine organizations in the Capital District have received funding to pay for supportive housing to serve older adults, survivors of domestic and gender-based violence, and veterans and chronically homeless families as well as individuals with a mental illness or substance use disorder.

Guilderland on Dec. 6 passed its own law that prohibits clear-cutting of one acre or more unless that was part of an approved permit or site plan — or sustainable forestry practice. Supervisor Peter Barber on Friday said the town’s new law would apply to the Prime Capital Development project but said it would “not add new ammunition” to the regulations already in place.

Jeff Thomas, who owns the post office building on Park Street that backs up to his depot property, said he has been working with the United States Postal Service, which wants to expand the Altamont office, on a plan to build a new post office behind the current one.

The federal Inflation Reduction Act, which was signed into law in August, “had a big sustainability portion,” said Michael Hamor, “and so on-site solar actually makes more financial sense now.”

NEW SCOTLAND — Paul Steinkamp wishes that, when he was a child, someone had taught him how to fold a piece of paper in half.

As he talks about the art and science of origami, which he came to late in life, he sounds like a poet.