The board decided to add cooling for Guilderland High School and Lynnwood Elementary School at a cost of $215,166 and also to add top priority projects — totaling $4,105,829 — for the middle school and high school that hadn’t made the cut in the current capital project, including bathroom renovations and ventilation.

McKownville’s Assistant Chief Nolan Renna

McKownville’s new light rescue, S-53, was doused with water on Saturday afternoon.

GUILDERLAND — After 50 minutes of listening to heated comments about masks being required in school, which escalated to pro-mask speakers being heckled, the Guilderland Board of Education adjourned its meeting on Tuesday night — only to resume again after the crowd of about 30 had left.


The Altamont Fair opens for the first time since 2019 on Tuesday, Aug. 17, and will operate through Aug. 22. And, in spite of the safety measures necessary to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant and other pandemic-related obstacles, the experience should prove to be just as electrifying as in years’ past, organizers say.

Winemakers, since 1993, have been allowed to manufacture and sell wine while waiting for a permanent license. Senator Michelle Hinchey and Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo’s bill, if signed into law, would allow all craft beverage makers — breweries, distilleries, cideries, and wineries — to apply for a six-month permit to get their business up and running, giving the State Liquor Authority 45 days to approve or deny a submitted application.

ALBANY COUNTY — Altamont Police Detective Christopher Laurenzo is warning villagers to lock their cars during Fair Week.

The Altamont Fair, which serves Albany, Schenectady, and Greene counties, runs this year from Wednesday, Aug. 18, through Sunday, Aug. 22.

Jonathan Phillips, the owner and president of his family’s hardware store, told The Enterprise he could have been up and running by the end of the year, but the issue is that the general store and Dunkin’ would be built long before a gas tank would ever get put in the ground. 

Morgan Guilderland Shopping Center LLC on June 25 sold the 15,554-square-foot Park Guilderland Shopping Center and its disputed acreage to K and K Guilderland LLC, a Niskayuna-based limited-liability company that formed a month earlier, according to Department of State filings. 

ALTAMONT — In a red-hot housing market, real-estate agent Ryan Clark came up with an idea to make his client stand out.

He noticed police uniforms in the garage of the Guilderland home being sold by Joseph Mazzone, an officer with the Altamont Police.

Wasting no time, on the day the Appellate Court handed down its decision, July 8, Pyramid’s lawyers fired off a letter to a judge in the second case, making him aware of the outcome and asking him to “dismiss the petition in its entirety.”