New Scotland

NEW SCOTLAND — By looking to its past, New Scotland may build a brighter future, Alan Kowlowitz believes.

Enterprise columnist Dennis Sullivan has written a book about Julius Caesar.

Sharon Breisch, New Scotland

With 593 ballots cast in the Voorheesville School District budget vote on Tuesday, residents approved next year’s $30.1 million spending plan 76 percent to 24 percent.

Transportation of New Scotland’s senior citizens has been at half capacity for the past three years after it was determined repairing one of the town’s two senior buses would be too expensive.

With its new $16.7 million assessment, the Northeastern Industrial Park will pay about $310,000 in Voorheesville Central School District taxes each year, down from $522,000 in annual tax payments. 

Judy Kimes, Publicist, New Scotland Historical Association

Herbert W. Reilly Jr., Voorheesville

Janna Shillinglaw, New Scotland Kiwanis

Marilyn Miles, Program Chair, Clarksville Historical Society


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