New Scotland

Peter Kelly, New Scotland

 The New Scotland Planning Board at its November meeting began the process of subdividing the former Bender melon farm into preservable and commercially-viable parcels.

The Voorheesville School Board at its November meeting partially reversed a rule it had established just last month.

Peter Drao, Charissa Mayer, New Scotland

Tricia Putman, Voorheesville Community & School Foundation

The notice from the town of New Scotland says that a sample collected from the Clarksville Water District on Oct. 27 showed nitrate levels of 13 milligrams per liter, when the maximum contaminant level is 10 milligrams per liter.

New Scotland property owners escaped a fifth straight year of incremental tax increases when the town board elected to cut property taxes for next year after initially proposing a rate hike in early October. 

Shirley Unser, New Salem Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary

“I’ve been asked a lot about timing,” said Ed Mitzen of his plans for the former Stewart’s on South Main Street in Voorheesville. “We’ve got a lot of work to do … but we’re hoping to be, you know, up within 18 months or so.”


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