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A 2015  United States Supreme Court ruling said that local governments can’t decide how long they allow election signs to be posted because the signs’ messages are protected by the First Amendment. 

Nearly every kick and punch of the fracas was captured by a village of Voorheesville security camera.

Christine M. Galvin Esq., New Scotland

NEW SCOTLAND — Sixty years ago, the average cost of a new house was $12,700, a gallon of gas was 25 cents, and a 23-inch television would set you back about $220. Sixty years ago, John F.

After examining 400,000 real-estate transactions, a report found that, following the construction of a solar array, homes within one mile of the installation depreciated 1.7 percent. And homes just one-tenth of a mile, 528 feet, away from an installation ended up seeing a 7-percent drop in value.

The employee, who works at New Scotland Town Hall, was notified mid-morning of Monday, Nov. 30, that he had tested positive for the virus. He was last in the building on Nov. 25.

The schools will remain open for in-person instruction.

The Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy had set an ambitious $1.2 million fund-raising goal, which it exceeded when loans and grants were taken into account, to purchase the historic farm, but the not-for-profit’s director, Mark King, declined to say how much the conservancy paid for the 198-acre property at the corner of routes 85 and 85A in New Scotland.

The New Scotland solar law’s prime-soil and soils-of-statewide-importance provisions make siting a solar project in town nearly impossible. 

The Voorheesville Central School District in a letter to parents said that “based on the timing of when” a person newly diagnosed with COVID-19 was “last at school, the Albany County Department of Health has indicated no need for further action, on behalf of the school, to have school community members quarantine.” 


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