Sean Mulkerrin

The town board may decide to let dogs romp off-leash for two hours each morning in the Swift Road park.

For its annual “Fine Amnesty Week,” the Voorheesville Public Library allows its patrons to return overdue items without having to pay a fine.

On Tuesday, a bomb threat found in a bathroom on the Voorheesville middle- and high-school campus had students and teachers sheltering-in-place for two hours. After a sweep of the campus by explosive-detecting dogs, it was determined that there was no bomb.

VOORHEESVILLE — After three decades in education — 13 years as a teacher and 18 as an administrator — Voorheesville Superintendent Brian Hunt, in retirement, will face his toughest task to date: the honey-do list.

Five of Robert Baron’s six claims have merit, the judge said.

When Voorheesville updated its comprehensive plan this past summer, it called for the rezoning of the area around the former Smitty’s Tavern, which is owned by Stewart’s Shops. The rezone ended any hope the company had for putting a new and larger store on the site. This week, citing an inability to build a new shop, Stewart’s announced it would close its Voorheesville store.

After residents who live close to the site of a proposed cell tower in Altamont said that they had not received proper notification of a “balloon float” test, a second test is planned for Tuesday, Jan. 15.

After just three years of waiting, Stewart’s Shops got the village board it wanted, and was able to have the property it owns at  107-109 Helderberg Ave., in Altamont, rezoned so that a new store may be built on the site.

The headline screamed: “MEXICAN FAMILY GO INSANE.

The Altamont Free Library will not charge its members late fees on borrowed children’s books for all of 2019.


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