Sean Mulkerrin

Hiawatha Land Development will be receiving about $2.46 million in sales-tax exemptions and approximately $664,000 in mortgage-recording tax exemptions, but not the $1.06 million in property-tax exemptions it had been seeking. 

 YS Catalytic Recycling is moving to the 2-acre property at 70 Railroad Ave., a narrow strip of Guilderland sandwiched between the city of Albany and the town of Colonie.

 The New Scotland Town Board has formalized its relationship with Nan Stolzenburg and her firm, agreeing to an annual contract with Community Planning & Environmental Associates not to exceed $60,000.

Twin sisters Taylor Ten Eyck and Morgan Willy made their debut selling other grower’s flowers two years ago.

Four residents — two in favor, one against, and one who favored a wait-and-see approach — spoke about the issue during the Sept. 21 Guilderland Town Board meeting.

The state Department of Health filed an emergency regulation, which became effective on Aug. 27, that requires all students, faculty, and staff of all public and private schools in the state to wear masks inside school buildings.

Borrego Solar Systems was given approval to install a five-megawatt large-scale, ground-mounted, solar array on the 27-acre site that is located in between 215 Altamont Road and National Grid’s high-voltage transmission lines.

Project partner and architect Dan Sanders said to the planning board, “There were delays on the project with financing, primarily, and just COVID-related activities in terms of the market for retail. And now we’re underway.”

A cluster subdivision had previously been proposed for the site, but the owner hadn’t been able to get that project off the ground because of an inability to connect to the town of Bethlehem’s water system.

Construction of the county’s Emergency 9-1-1 Communications Center could begin within days.


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