Sean Mulkerrin

The owner of a New Scotland farm stand was cited and shut down by the town in May for violations of the zoning code. The owner says that her activities predate the zoning code and are therefore exempt from the laws.

Lord & Taylor department store

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting Crossgates’ bottom line. 

Under the current Voorheesville back-to-school plan, kindergarten through sixth grade classes would meet in-person everyday, while seventh- through twelfth-graders would come into school one day a week.

The Guilderland Planning Board has 30 calendar days to issue a findings statement on Pyramid’s Rapp Road and Western Avenue projects.

After years of being on the market, the Governors Motor Inn has a future. 

While the fiscal health of other area municipalities may be in question, New Scotland’s is “very sound.”

A new law brings the village into line with Guilderland’s Knox-Box requirements.

Millions of federal dollars have flowed into the area recently.

A developer of solar arrays has pulled out, but New Scotland will “continue to look for opportunities to do something” with two landfills on Upper Flatrock Road.

ALBANY COUNTY — Local school districts, like more than 700 across the state, have until July 31 to submit plans for reopening.

The schools were closed by executive order in mid-March to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


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