Melissa Hale-Spencer

At Guilderland
Voters pass budget, elect Eisele, Weisz, and Dubowsky

GUILDERLAND — Just over 3,400 Guilderland School District voters turned out Tuesday to pass a $79 million budget and an $828,200 bus purchase.

Illustration by Forest Byrd — The Enterprise

ALTAMONT — Many Americans, when they think of Florida, think of beach vacations and trips to Disney World.

"Your every voter, as surely as your chief magistrate, exercises a public trust."

— Grover Cleveland’s inaugural address, March 4, 1885

Richard Weisz, who is seeking his third term on the school board, said, "A number of people are very frustrated with the cost of education. That’s a fair point of view."

Raymond McQuade says a lot of people have told him that serving on the school board is "a thankless job."

Timothy Forster, making his first run for school board, says he has no set agenda.
"I’m not going in to take over...I’ve looked at the meetings. I have a lot to learn," he said. "We should all be learners."

Hy Dubowsky, campaigning door to door, spoke to a Prescott Woods resident who said that he annually pays $30,000 in property taxes — more than his parents paid to buy their Guilderland home in 1972.


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