Melissa Hale-Spencer

By Bill Sherman

GUILDERLAND — The school board Tuesday night added $200,000 to the district’s tax levy but Guilderland residents will still have a lower tax rate than projected when they passed the $76 million school budget in May.

The Altamont Fair has been around longer than any of us who are alive today. It has a life of its own as each generation shapes and redefines it.

ALTAMONT — Tragedy has turned to triumph at the Altamont Fair.

By Bill Sherman

GUILDERLAND — The federal government is closing down what is left of the Army depot — all materials are slated to be removed by the end of the summer — but the future of the 35 acres on Depot Road remains unclear.

GUILDERLAND — Kevin Reilly, with the Defense National Stockpile Center, said he’s heard from people convinced the mounds of ore at stockpile centers cover missile silos.

and Melissa Hale-Spencer

GUILDERLAND — The two Republican candidates for town board have challenged the Democratic candidates to debate.

All of us who witnessed the horrors of the ballot discrepancies in the 2000 Presidential election realized voting reform was needed.

GUILDERLAND — With funding on the horizon for clean-up of the Army’s former bivouac area, good will abounded at the meeting last Thursday of the Restoration Advisory Board.


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