Elizabeth Floyd Mair

GUILDERLAND — The school board is considering bringing to the voters a pared-down $30.6 million capital construction project, reduced from the $42.7 million proposal defeated in October.

Chief Building and Zoning Inspector Jacqueline M. Coons said this week that this debate might not have arisen at all, had the applicant’s sign been within the allowed 50 square feet.

GUILDERLAND — Food burning in an apparently unattended wok on a stove caused heavy smoke at the Best Cook Chinese restaurant in Guilderland on Thursday morning, said Assistant Chief of the Guilderland Fire Department Bill Beha.   

No one in the restaurant when firefighters arrived, he said.  

GUILDERLAND — A single-family home in the 3300 block of East Lydius Street was burglarized in the the early morning hours of Feb. 8, between 12: 30 and 5:30 a.m., while the residents were at home, according to Deputy Chief Curtis Cox of the Guilderland Police.

Tod Mell’s petite accuser says she never spoke to Mell about the abuse, which she says occurred “30 or 40 times” over the course of her fifth-grade year, in 2010 to 2011, always behind his desk, below the eye level of other students. She also never told school officials, her parents, or friends about it until the spring of 2018.

Donlon had been living in Guilderland’s Carpenter Village Apartments since last April, under his own name and date of birth, until his arrest on Jan. 16.

At his arrest on Jan. 16 at Guilderland’s Carpenter Village Apartments, the court heard, numerous law-enforcement officials with guns drawn pulled Raymond Donlon from his vehicle to the entryway of his building and said they wanted to search his apartment.

Some town residents believe that Guilderland’s boards are too willing to suspend the rules for developers.

Police have not received any reports of Donlon having abused any children in Guilderland.

About 20 residents had gathered at the town hall Monday night for an expected vote by the Industrial Development Agency on the request by Pyramid Management, owner of Crossgates Mall, for two kinds of tax exemptions. The vote was postponed.


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