Elizabeth Floyd Mair

ALBANY COUNTY — Josephine Nakajigo, 40, of Voorheesville was among nine people in Albany County arrested this week for welfare fraud, county spokeswoman Mary Rozak said on Wednesday.

Inferno Pizzeria

Guilderland may soon get its first roundabout. The state’s Department of Transportation will hold a public hearing at Pine Bush Elementary School on Sept. 24 about installing a roundabout at Carman Road and Lydius Street. The old Nedco Pharmacy would be demolished.

Richard Sherwood

Asked by The Enterprise how much Sherwood has forfeited to date, Assistant United States Attorney Michael Barnett said that that information is not public and that it is also not knowable at this point, since many of Sherwood’s forfeited assets are bank and brokerage accounts, whose value can fluctuate. Barnett added, “I can say it does not equate to what was stolen.” 

A gate closing off through traffic on Empire Avenue

“There are no other gates like that on town roads,” said Guilderland Highway Superintendent Gregory Wier. 

Danny Gibney

GUILDERLAND — Thirteen-year-old Danny Gibney has helped train his dog, Gem, to know 30 different commands, including “down,” “roll over,” and “speak.” He has done all of that in order to give her away to a stranger. 

The chairwoman of Guilderhaven, who usually hopes people will adopt animals and make them a part of their homes, now hopes they will adopt artwork.

The drivers of both vehicles were taken to hospitals, said Deputy Chief Curtis Cox of the Guilderland Police. 

The figures of the two groups of young men who confronted one another were ghostly shadows in Crossgates Mall video footage, seen almost entirely from the waist down because of the angle of the camera.

Carlos Quinones

Rape charges were pending against Carlos Quinones, 17, when he was arrested by Guilderland Police in February for allegedly displaying a gun in the Crossgates Mall parking lot.

ALBANY COUNTY — Two Albany Family Court seats are open since Margaret Walsh was elected to State Supreme Court and Gerald Maney is retiring.

Seven candidates are running in the June 25 primary to secure the Democratic line.  Albany County Democrats may cast their ballots for two of the seven on Tuesday.


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