Elizabeth Floyd Mair

What Donald Webster has loved about the town band since he founded it 50 years ago is the way it shows high-school students that involvement in music can last a lifetime.

The store even sells tinctures and treats for pets.

Guilderland’s assessor planned for two boards to listen to grievance complaints for two days but concluded, after it was over, she should have used three boards for three days.

Eighteen highest-honors students sat onstage at the 1995 graduation. That number has risen over the years; it was 72 last year and is expected to be 52 this year.

Renowned photojournalist Earl Dotter recently took pictures of refugees at a job-training session in Albany.  Dotter is known for his photos of people in hazardous jobs and environments.

On May 15, the Guilderland zoning board approved a 256-unit senior independent-living proposal that was the catalyst for the birth of a grassroots group urging “responsible development.”

The incident began with a report of a larceny at Burlington Coat Factory in Crossgates Mall.

GUILDERLAND —  Family and educators describe a relatively isolated young woman who struggled with depression, her child with social challenges but no diagnosis of any learning disabilities, and a man who loved them both but was in declining health.

GUILDERLAND — All five of the items on Guilderland’s ballots sailed through on Tuesday, most with a 2-to-1 approval ratio. The school and library budgets, the school and library capital projects, and the bus proposition all passed.

An anonymous flyer was distributed in the days before the October 2018 vote on a proposed school capital project, and the project was defeated by 58 votes. Now a very similar flyer is urging voters to defeat the school and library propositions on Tuesday, May 21.


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